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The virtual market space continues to show an exponential rise in its consumability, it goes without saying that a strong online presence and a sturdy foundation in the online community are decisive in propagating your sales and business overall. It can be a real tough and tedious job to maintain your brand inventory online under the light you want it to be interpreted to attract and capture your target audience’s attention and trust. Even more so, it becomes a much more dominating task to manage multiple other facets of an online business than the mere establishment of the existence of your product and its possibilities. The volumes of SKUs, the catalogues, the expenses, add Product Descriptions with SEO requirements to the mix and it can take a toll on one and end up a blunder.

Smart Content Generator

To the rescue, WittyBot, an advanced Product Description Generator which leverages Artificial Intelligence, consumer behaviours and virtual market trends to compose Product Descriptions by sauteing raw product details into enticing, irresistible, balanced dishes that leave your customer with a temptation to try. Harmonizing the content with insights gained through a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Solutions, the end Product Descriptions are effective, imbuing class and creativity.

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